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      http://www.appuifle.net/hotpot.htm [1392]
      AppuiFLE: created for French as a foreign language intermediate students, this site offers you lots of exercises with corrections, both oral and written. Also offers many useful resources and tests.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/mafrance/ [335]
      BBC.co.uk : Ma France. Ma France is an interactive French video course with 24 lessons for post-beginners. It includes mini-lessons, extra topics, maps, a glossary, a syllabus and a progress page. You can complete the course in 12 weeks with Ma France weekly email tips and encouragements.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://www.campus-electronique.fr/testfle/ [525]
      Campus-électronique.fr : test FLE. A 45-minute-long test in 14 parts for learners of French to help you know your general level (elementary, intermediate, advanced), to show if you understand the spoken and written language, to help find your difficulties with grammar and vocabulary, and what path you should take to improve.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://french.about.com/od/mistakes/a/beginning.htm [530]
      French.about. com : mistakes- beginning. Top ten French mistakes made by beginning-level students. Explanations and quizzes about : gender, accents marks, to be, contractions, French H, que, auxiliary verbs, tu and vous, capitalization, and the famous word cettes? that does not exist.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://french.about.com/cs/vocabulary/a/falsecognates.htm [1384]
      French.about.com : false cognates. A 4-page list of the most common false cognates in French and English in French alphabetical order.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://french.about.com/od/mistakes/a/intermediate.htm [529]
      French.about.com : mistakes-intermediate. Top ten French mistakes made by intermediate-level students. Explanations about : y and en, manquer, le passé (past), agreement, faux amis, relative pronouns, temporal prepositions, depuis and il y a, « ce » before a h or a vowel, and finally pronominal verbs and reflexive pronouns.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://french.about.com/od/vocabulary/ss/mostcommonwords.htm... [526]
      French.about.com : Most Common Words : The 100 most common French words accompanied by their English translation, grammatical notes, examples of the way they are used, and quizzes
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://gazette.alpha-b.fr/ [625]
      Gazette.alpha-b.fr : Ezine of alpha.b, an institute specialized in teaching French as a foreign language. Includes among others "Le français dans tous ses états » (French in all its forms), which examines proverbs, idioms, false friends and anglicisms. "Leçons et exercices de français » (Lessons and French exercises) includes activities classified by level of knowledge, from A1 to C2. There is even humor in the « Lingua Franca vous met sur le coup » (Lingua Franca puts you on the spot)
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://globegate.utm.edu/french/globegate_mirror/org.html [1310]
      globegate.utm.edu: List of 102 links to Organizations Promoting the Study of French, both in Educational and non educational organizations.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://www.hku.hk/french/starters/proverbes.htm [1483]
      HKU.hk : French Starters : Proverbes. Simply click on the proverbs of the first column to hear their pronunciation. The next column provides an explanation and the last one an English equivalent for each proverb.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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