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      http://www.hku.hk/french/gramex/beg/ [1482]
      HKU.hk : French: Gramex. Online Grammar Exercises is a series of self-corrected activities on articles, determinants, gender and number, adjectives, pronouns, the affirmative form, the interrogative form, the negative form, prepositions, verbs and comparative. Requires Internet Explorer.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://www.languageguide.org/im/punctuation/fr/ [564]
      LanguageGuide.com : A page designed to let you hear, learn and recognize the names and spelling of all the punctuation marks. Simply drag your mouse over each one to listen to and repeat its pronunciation.
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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      http://zut.languageskills.co.uk/index.html [1140]
      Zut.languageskills.co.uk : Interactive Activities for French Teachers and Students. Interactive Activities for French Teachers and Students. Plenty of online interactive activities organised by class year. Listening and comprehension exercises. Word searches, crosswords, worksheets and other interesting resources. British site free to use after 4pm and before 9am (which is, in North America excludes only a part of the night and of the morning).
      Category: FSL/FFL French
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