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    http://www.acelf.ca/c/revue/index.php [1510]
    acelf.ca : Éducation et francophonie. This virtual journal disseminates results of original research involving a variety of topics in French language education in Canada. The topics covered include all levels of education. Click on Numéros (Issues) to have access to back issues.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.bonjourdefrance.com/bonjour.htm [568]
    Bonjourdefrance.com : Bonjour. Educational webzine written by FSL/ FFL teachers. Features exercises, tests, games and worksheets for teachers. Includes topics such as understanding (with exercises for all levels of learning), grammar, vocabulary, teaching, idioms, business French, simulation exercises in context (mises en situation), world news, discoveries and games for all.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.ccdmd.qc.ca/fr/ [969]
    Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique (CCDMD): One of the most reputable resource for teachers and students of French. On top of links to other resources, it contains hundreds of online interactive French exercises as well as theoretical information on all aspects of French.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/education/index-f.html [1540]
    CollectionsCanada.gc.ca : education. Quality educational products for teachers and students with a collection strong in history, literature and music. "For Teachers" includes comprehensive teaching strategies, lesson plans, ideas and activities for the classroom, quizzes and games."For Students" includes links to great websites, designed just for kids, as well as suggestions for reading."Theses Canada Portal" gives access to many theses and dissertations. Students' learning skills can be improved using the Learning Centre's "Toolkit." "The EvidenceWeb" offers a selection of original documents including photographs, letters, diary entries, art works, political cartoons, newspaper articles, and printed and recorded music.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/femmes/index-f.html [1543]
    CollectionsCanada.gc.ca : Femmes. A selection of exceptional Canadian women who have made outstanding contributions to their society and the world in fields like cinema, theatre, arts, sport, activism, science, and others. Each woman's life and achievements are described, followed by a list of Resources. Two lesson plans (a collection of ideas and a crossword puzzle) have been included on the site.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.edufle.net/Bienvenue-sur-EduFLE-net [167]
    EduFLE.net: Articles about teaching French as a second language. Texts about French grammar, writing, literature and oral discourse.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.espnet.eu/image/Image_France/introduction.htm [1139]
    European Schools Project (ESP): Basic rules to write letters, a diary, a questionnaire and more. Includes a Teacher's Manual and an exercise notebook for the student.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://fipf.info/ [692]
    Fédération internationale des professeurs de français: Intended for all teachers of French. Represents up to 70,000 teachers world-wide gathered into 165 associations. Keeps members informed about international congresses, contests, and relevant research. Their classified ads section gives a forum to people wishing to engage in a correspondence with anybody who is interested in learning French, whether it is an individual or a classroom.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.fdlm.org/ [65]
    Français dans le monde: Online articles taken from the magazine of the International federation of french teachers.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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    http://www.francparler.org/ [76]
    Franparler.org: La communauté mondiale des professeurs de français. Divided in 3 sections: News, ressources, and community. For French teachers around the world to find links, chat rooms, classified ads, as well as in depth documents about French and teaching.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Teacher Resources (TFSL/TFFL)
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