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    http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/m205160/ [968]
    Er.uqam.ca : Nourrir son français. Website intended for FSL/FFL students. Contains many links listed by categories leading to exercises or to online documents about the French language. Click on "Ingrédients" to complete activities online or on the button "Recettes" (recipes) to go to grammars or dictionaries. Click on "Projet" to get a study guide.
    Category: Online Help
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    http://www.etudes-litteraires.com/ [122]
    Etudes Littéraires: Resources for grammar, literature and writing. Really complete and detailed.
    Category: Online Help
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    http://www.languagesonline.org.uk/ [967]
    LanguagesOnline.co.uk : Large variety of exercise styles initially designed for use by classes. Many units come with explanations. The site also includes games to play on line or to download, and listening activities.
    Category: Online Help
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    http://www.sdv.fr/orthonet/pages/questions.html [374]
    Orthonet: Conseil International de la Langue Française. Online help. Ask your question and they will try to answer as soon as they can. Email service.
    Category: Online Help
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    http://www.sdv.fr/orthonet/pages/correction.html [375]
    Orthonet: Conseil International de la Langue Française. Online help. Send your sentence or your text and they will send it back to you entirely corrected via email. Maximum of 1200 characters.
    Category: Online Help
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    http://www.wildfrench.co.uk/ [966]
    WildFrench.co.uk : Site meant for teachers and learners. Includes a range of online resources that complement the courses actually in use in British schools. The material is designed for students of the late primary to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GSCE). Click on the image of the textbook of your choice for a range of extra activities to improve your French and have some fun.
    Category: Online Help