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    http://projetconnaissance.free.fr/grammaire-fr.html [1062]
    "Être Efficace avec la Connaissance" project: French Grammar Summary. Provides theoretical information.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites
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    http://www.123cours.com/ [1118]
    123cours.com: Free online French courses and exercises about spelling, conjugation, vocabulary and grammar. Basic lessons about sentence, agreements, homophones, verb tenses and more.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/lj/language_notes/desc... [326]
    BBC Languages: French Steps. Easy-to-use online beginners course that will teach you simple spoken French used in everyday situations. How to use "à, au, a, la, aux". Grammar hints followed by 8 questions.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites
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    http://users.telenet.be/christo/etienne/ [1127]
    Dr Meul Etienne's page: Printable grammar lessons and exercises. Quizzes for adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, conjuctions and more. Mechanics and punctuation.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites
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    http://grammaire.reverso.net/ [1514]
    Grammaire.reverso.net : Interactive French grammar. Type the word or concept you want in the search box or click on one of the letters of the alphabetic index to obtain the information sought. Includes the following topics: grammar, syntax, vocabulary, conjugation, agreement rules, spelling and typography. The Questions d?actualité (current affairs) section deals with matters such as new spelling and the feminization of trade and function names.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites
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    http://www.hku.hk/french/gramex/beg/ [1482]
    HKU.hk : French: Gramex. Online Grammar Exercises is a series of self-corrected activities on articles, determinants, gender and number, adjectives, pronouns, the affirmative form, the interrogative form, the negative form, prepositions, verbs and comparative. Requires Internet Explorer.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites
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    http://www.pomme.ualberta.ca/pomme/ [341]
    Pomme.ualberta.ca : Pomme. Pomme is a site dedicated to French grammar. It includes 400 rules and 400 exercises classified by degree of difficulty (1 for beginner lever, 5 for the most advanced) and a conjugation component. ABC of French Grammar is an English-simplified version of French grammar. A registrant will receive an individualized program of rules and exercises through the online diagnostic test.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites
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    http://laits.utexas.edu/tex/gr/overview.html [113]
    University of Texas at Austin: " Tex`s French grammar": Learn French grammar with a sense of humour. Nouns, determiners, adverbs, adjectives, verbs.
    Category: Grammar - Grammar Sites