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    http://www.bonjourdefrance.com/index/indexapp.htm [833]
    Bonjourdefrance.com: Free interactive online French FSL / FFL courses. Excellent tool filled with exercises from beginner to advanced. Contains hyperlinks with definitions and grammar rules easily accessible. Offers a large selection of topics like French grammar, word games, vocabulary, business French, and more.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    http://french.about.com/od/intermediate/Intermediate_French_... [1297]
    french.about.com - Intermediate French Lessons and Resources: Everything the intermediate French student needs: links, lessons, quizzes, and more.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    http://french.about.com/od/lessons/a/beginningfrench.htm [334]
    French.about.com : Beginning French.Hundreds of pages written for beginners. You can subscribe to a 20 week French for Beginners email course, or go to the checklist to get the same lessons organized in a logical study order. You can also access a French proficiency test and the French for Beginners forum on the page.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    http://french.about.com/ [1]
    French.about.com: Learn French with free French lessons, tips, and tools. Thousands of pages related to learning and teaching the French.about.com: lessons, quizzes, study tips, dictionaries, linguistics, dialects, cultural and travel information, literature, music, and much more.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    http://www.frenchtutorial.com/ [240]
    FrenchTutorial.com : Learn French for free with 13 chapters, 160 pages and more than 200 audio files. The French Tutorial is a step by step course covering the basics and pronunciation, as well as grammar, vocabulary and everyday French. It offers a table of contents and an index for faster searches.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    http://french.chass.utoronto.ca/fre180/ [1132]
    Grimoire FRE 180Y: A complete French course. Grammar lessons and exercices, dictionary, literature study, tests and exams.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    Business Related  http://www.lepointdufle.net/p/apprendre-le-francais.htm [1389]
    Lepointdufle.net: Over 7500 links to Free French courses online grouped by theme and difficulty, easy to use.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    http://www.polarfle.com/indexbis.htm [1092]
    Polar FLE: Using detective intrigues, this site offers grammar lessons, exercises, and quizzes about French Language related content: interrogation, vocabulary, verb tenses, sentences structures, and much more. Every part (characters, crime presentation, etc.) contains a section for beginner, intermediate or advanced level students.
    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites
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    http://www.zut.org.uk/index.html [276]
    Zut.org.uk: Outstanding site that can be accessed freely after 4pm and on week-ends. Register for full access. Over 400 exercises divided by age of study.
    Includes reading, writing, grammar, and listening exercises. Excellent resource for students and teachers alike.

    Category: Top FFL / FSL Websites