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      http://www.123cours.com/ [1118]
      123cours.com: Free online French courses and exercises about spelling, conjugation, vocabulary and grammar. Basic lessons about sentence, agreements, homophones, verb tenses and more.
      Category: Grammar
    • 2
      http://www.aidenet.eu/index.htm [541]
      Aidenet.eu : Grammar AIDENET presents the basics of French, explained clearly and step by step, along with conjugation and related tables, all with multiple examples. Also contains sections on reading and pronunciation.
      Category: Grammar
    • 3
      http://analilit.free.fr/index.htm [560]
      Analilit.free.fr : Analyse linguistique des textes littéraires (linguistic analysis of literary texts). University-level education, literature and grammar for a specific purpose: to enable students to analyze the language of literary texts with precision and rigor. Teachers and students of literature will especially appreciate this website.
      Category: Grammar
    • 4
      http://www.bac-l.com/BACL/dict.htm#internet [1440]
      BacL.com: Dictionaries and glossaries about French Language.Many categories: dictionaries & encyclopedias; Grammar, morphology, spelling & linguistics; Historical dictionaries, Glossaries; Internet glossaries; Multilingual dictionaries.
      Category: Grammar
    • 5
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/lj/language_notes/ne_p... [333]
      BBC Languages: French Steps. Easy-to-use online beginners course that will teach you simple spoken French used in everyday situations. Introduction to the negative form of a French sentence. Grammar hint followed by 8 questions.
      Category: Grammar
    • 6
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/lj/ [241]
      BBC.co.uk : French Steps for Beginners. Online course for beginners. Learn practical spoken French in 24 steps. Includes a vocabulary list, grammar tips, pronunciation with audio files, Fast Tracks for revision and much more. You can complete the course in 12 weeks with French Steps weekly email tips and encouragement.
      Category: Grammar
    • 7
      http://blsmcpce1.pagesperso-orange.fr/Orthhomophones [1496]
      blsmcpe1.pagesperso-orange.fr : Orthomophones. Dictionary of homonyms and paronyms containing over 30 000 homonyms and 400 homographs. The Grapho-phonétique section presents different ways to write each sound in French. Règles d?orthographe (spelling rules) section provides a veritable grammar online that focuses on spelling.
      Category: Grammar
    • 8
      http://www.cce.umontreal.ca/ [1373]
      cce. umontreal.ca : The CCE (centre de communication écrite ? written communication centre) of the Unversity of Montreal offers a variety of resources, and links to several websites dedicated to the improvement of French. The site contains many topics, including Boîte à outils (toolbox), which has several sections including Autoformation, Capsules linguistiques, and Francofiches: Autoformation (self-study) deals with vocabulary, grammar and writing, editing and revision. Capsules Linguistiques (linguistic capsules) examines 135 common errors in French. Francofiches offers self-correcting games.
      Category: Grammar
    • 9
      http://www.ccsf.edu/Departments/Language_Center/fr1a_links.h... [1079]
      CCSF.edu : French Language Center. Site providing links to complete the first three chapters of the method « Allons-y ! » (let?s go!). Themes such as : verbs, use of negation, Yes/No questions, indefinite articles, chez vs à, often using games and tests. Links to audio vocabulary sites on numbers, family and the city.
      Category: Grammar
    • 10
      http://www.cle.fr/centre_linguistique-fr-idm-105-n-Exercices... [1524]
      CLE.fr : Exercices FLE : Pâques. A fill-in-the-blank test about the traditions surrounding the feast of Easter in France. Multiple choices for answers are presented with each statement to test your spelling and grammar knowledge while familiarizing you with this aspect of French culture.
      Category: Grammar
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