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    • 71
      http://wps.prenhall.com/ml_valdman_cheznous_3/28/7358/188370... [1080]
      wps.prenhall.com : Chez nous. Online study guide of the textbook Chez nous that contains 12 chapters and an introduction. Includes sections such as Audio Resources, Practice, Flashcards and a Soccer Game with activities to check your understanding of each lesson's materials. Also includes Web Resources with topics related to the themes of each chapter and links to explore the francophone web, fun links, dictionaries and language and culture resources.
      Category: Grammar
    • 72
      http://wps.prenhall.com/ml_fouletier_paralleles_3/16/4245/10... [1083]
      wps.prenhall.com : Parallèles: Communication et culture. Online study guide including for each of its preliminary and following 13 chapters : the outcomes of each lesson, 4 learning steps with exercises for vocabulary and structures, audio flashcards, Soccer Game, many audio files, and links to dictionaries, French directories and portals, translation tools as well as language and culture resources.
      Category: Grammar
    • 73
      http://wps.prenhall.com/wl_meyer_rondpoint_1/56/14567/372923... [1082]
      wps.prenhall.com : Rond-Point: Une perspective actionnelle. An 18 chapter study guide offering auto-corrected Practice Exercises for vocabulary and grammar as well as some flashcards; Web Activities and Resources for interactive culture-based activities, as well as additional resources such as online dictionaries; Audio Resources contains In-Text Activities audio and, at the bottom of the box, the Workbook/Lab Manual audio.
      Category: Grammar
    • 74
      http://www.dicomoche.net/ [1086]
      www.dicomoche.net: French dictionary of misuses or bad expressions presented with their correction, all in a humoristic way. Excellent to improve your French-european vocabulary.
      Category: Grammar
    • 75
      http://www.zapfrench.com/French-Lessons/Negatif.htm [150]
      ZapFrench.com: Learn basic French grammar. Negative.
      Category: Grammar
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