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      http://fslactivities.ca/tools/index.html [1048]
      FSLactivities.ca : French and English Toolbar. Google style toolbar that contains search tools for French and English, Alt codes for French accents, several French dictionaries (general and multifunctional), an English dictionary, a French and an English thesaurus, bilingual dictionaries, French and English grammars, a bilingual searching tool for computer terms, links to several spelling sites, conjugation tools for English and French verbs as well as many translation sites. No download is necessary; just bookmark this page or make it your home page.
      Category: Web Services
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      http://www.vokabel.com/creteste.html [1049]
      Vokabel.com : Create your Own Test. A tool to create your own French tests that you can save on your computer for future reference.
      Category: Web Services