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    http://www.bescherelle.com/catalogue.php [1371]
    Bescherelle.com : This site offers the following sections: Dictées (4 sets of 24 dictations each for students at secondary level); Quizz which has two categories of exercises: difficultés de la langue française (Common Errors in French) and varied exercises for pupils at primary level; and finally Chroniques (Chronicles) which discusses the evolution of 112 different verbs. For all levels.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://www.cce.umontreal.ca/ [1373]
    cce. umontreal.ca : The CCE (centre de communication écrite ? written communication centre) of the Unversity of Montreal offers a variety of resources, and links to several websites dedicated to the improvement of French. The site contains many topics, including Boîte à outils (toolbox), which has several sections including Autoformation, Capsules linguistiques, and Francofiches: Autoformation (self-study) deals with vocabulary, grammar and writing, editing and revision. Capsules Linguistiques (linguistic capsules) examines 135 common errors in French. Francofiches offers self-correcting games.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://francite.net/education/cyberprof/index.html [1488]
    Francite.net : Cyberprof. Cyberprof tests your knowledge of grammar, spelling and culture with its 337 exercises and 124 explanatory pages on topics such as grammar and analysis, conjugation, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, difficulties of the French language, and anglicisms.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://french.about.com/library/weekly/bl-mistakest.htm [1480]
    French.about. com : French mistake of the week -test.This page provides a test on the most common errors in French in four different versions: 25, 50, 75 and 100 questions. Explanations are provided with answers.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://french.about.com/od/mistakeoftheweek/French_Mistake_o... [1479]
    French.about. com : French mistake of the week.A page displaying a long alphabetical list of common French mistakes.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://french.about.com/od/mistakes/a/beginning.htm [530]
    French.about. com : mistakes- beginning. Top ten French mistakes made by beginning-level students. Explanations and quizzes about : gender, accents marks, to be, contractions, French H, que, auxiliary verbs, tu and vous, capitalization, and the famous word cettes? that does not exist.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://french.about.com/od/mistakes/a/advanced.htm [1478]
    French.about. com : mistakes-advanced.Top 10 advanced French mistakes made by students. Find clear explanations about : Rythm, à vs de, De, du, de la et des, Verbs with prepositions, C'est vs il est, Lefacultatif, Indefinite french, Impersonal French, Reflexive vs object pronouns and Agreement.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://french.about.com/od/mistakes/a/intermediate_3.htm [1481]
    French.about. com : mistakes-high intermediate. Common French mistakes made by high-intermediate-level students. Explanations about : se and soi, encore vs toujours, what, ce que, ce qui, ce dont, ce à quoi, si clauses, final letters, subjunctive, negation, and two or more verbs.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://french.about.com/od/mistakes/a/intermediate.htm [529]
    French.about.com : mistakes-intermediate. Top ten French mistakes made by intermediate-level students. Explanations about : y and en, manquer, le passé (past), agreement, faux amis, relative pronouns, temporal prepositions, depuis and il y a, « ce » before a h or a vowel, and finally pronominal verbs and reflexive pronouns.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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    http://lecercledor.jimdo.com/ [1398]
    LeCercleDor.jimdo.com : Club belge d?orthographe (Belgian Spelling Club). Excellent site presenting dictations for youth, teens, and adults from throughout the Francophone world. Also includes the basic rules of grammatical agreement, several categories of grammatical difficulties and many other things.
    Category: Common Errors in French
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