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    http://www.polarfle.com/indexbis.htm [1092]
    Polar FLE: Using detective intrigues, this site offers grammar lessons, exercises, and quizzes about French Language related content: interrogation, vocabulary, verb tenses, sentences structures, and much more. Every part (characters, crime presentation, etc.) contains a section for beginner, intermediate or advanced level students.
    Category: Games - Murder mysteries
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    http://www.polarfle.com/ [75]
    Polarfle.com: Presses universitaires de Grenoble. Learn French with detective Roger Duflair. Improve your French as you follow the lead in a short mystery novel. Select your level.
    You will need: PC with Internet Explorer, Java and Java script, Real Player, and an e-mail address to receive your password and the answer.

    Category: Games - Murder mysteries