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    http://babelnet.sbg.ac.at/canalreve/bravo/index2.htm [338]
    Babelnet.sbg.ac.at : Canal Rêve : Bravo. Course primarily meant for beginner and intermediate learners. It aims to develop oral and written comprehension, as well as specific skills in everyday communication. It consists of 8 modules divided into three parts: communication, vocabulary, and writing (écrit). Includes videos, audio files and exercises.(A link to activities that complements this course exists on FSLall.)
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://babelnet.sbg.ac.at/canalreve/bravo/bravo.htm [339]
    Babelnet.sbg.ac.at : Canal Rêve : Bravo. Interactive multimedia exercices that complement 1,2,3, Bravo course also repertoried on the FSLall site.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/lj/ [241]
    BBC.co.uk : French Steps for Beginners. Online course for beginners. Learn practical spoken French in 24 steps. Includes a vocabulary list, grammar tips, pronunciation with audio files, Fast Tracks for revision and much more. You can complete the course in 12 weeks with French Steps weekly email tips and encouragement.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://www.bonjourdefrance.com/bonjour.htm [568]
    Bonjourdefrance.com : Bonjour. Educational webzine written by FSL/ FFL teachers. Features exercises, tests, games and worksheets for teachers. Includes topics such as understanding (with exercises for all levels of learning), grammar, vocabulary, teaching, idioms, business French, simulation exercises in context (mises en situation), world news, discoveries and games for all.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://www.ccsf.edu/Departments/Language_Center/fr1a_links.h... [1079]
    CCSF.edu : French Language Center. Site providing links to complete the first three chapters of the method « Allons-y ! » (let?s go!). Themes such as : verbs, use of negation, Yes/No questions, indefinite articles, chez vs à, often using games and tests. Links to audio vocabulary sites on numbers, family and the city.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://www.cle-inter.com/sites-compagnons/amis.html [447]
    cle-inter.com : Amis et compagnie. Companion site to a method of learning French meant for teenagers. Includes listening activities, activities to acquire a correct pronunciation, and written exercises to understand how the language works. Meet Léa, whose page provides exercises; Theo who offers raps and songs ; Agathe, whose activities are designed from photos, and Max whose illustrations are used to support exercises.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://www.cle-inter.com/sites-compagnons/festival.html [1125]
    cle-inter.com : Festival 1 et 2. Companion site to Festival 1 and 2 learning method offering many exercises on phonetics, vocabulary and oral as well as written comprehension including audio files and automatic corrections. Both levels contain 10 units of work with themes such as Faire des projets (making plans), Une famille modèle (a model family) and Un nouvel emploi (a new job).
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://www.cle-inter.com/sites-compagnons/metro.html [1107]
    cle-inter.com : Métro Saint-Michel 1 et 2. Companion site for Levels 1 and 2 of this method for learning French. Fourteen units are associated with level 1, while Level 2 has six. The units target listening comprehension, phonetics and vocabulary. Each one provides checklists and drag and drop exercises, all of these with automatic correction.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://www.cle-inter.com/sites-compagnons/toutvabien.html [1128]
    cle-inter.com : Tout va bien 1 et 2. Companion site of the French learning method Tout va bien 1 et 2 (all is well). Each level has ten units with themes such as : À la banque (at the bank), Trouver son chemin (finding your way), sentiments (feelings), and sports. Some units are devoted to questions and statements, phonetics and grammar, with most sections offering audio files. The exercises, which include automatic correction, target skills such as listening and reading comprehension, phonetics and grammar.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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    http://fle-sitographie.pagesperso-orange.fr/exercices.htm#Le... [1441]
    Cours et exercices en ligne: To understand, to speak and to improve. Grammar, glossary, phonetics, sound & writing, exercises and medias.
    Category: FSL/FFL French - Student Resources
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