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    http://french.about.com/od/writing/ss/typeaccents.htm [539]
    French.about.com : How to Type French Accents. Page providing several ways to get the accent signs without having to buy a French keyboard, special software or access an internet connection. For Windows and Mac.
    Category: Writing - French Keyboard
  • 2
    http://french.typeit.org/ [1453]
    French.typeit.com : Access to all accents and symbols used in French.
    Category: Writing - French Keyboard
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    http://fslactivities.ca/tools/index.html [1048]
    FSLactivities.ca : French and English Toolbar. Google style toolbar that contains search tools for French and English, Alt codes for French accents, several French dictionaries (general and multifunctional), an English dictionary, a French and an English thesaurus, bilingual dictionaries, French and English grammars, a bilingual searching tool for computer terms, links to several spelling sites, conjugation tools for English and French verbs as well as many translation sites. No download is necessary; just bookmark this page or make it your home page.
    Category: Writing - French Keyboard
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    http://www.gate2home.com/?language=fr&lay=4&sec=2 [1449]
    Gate2home.com : Virtual French keyboard. The best online, onscreen, virtual French keyboard emulator on the internet to type in your language from anywhere! Also includes tabs to write and send an email in French, to search the French versions of Google and Wikipedia, as well as to the multilingual translator Babylon.
    Category: Writing - French Keyboard
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    http://www.les-claviers.com/ [1112]
    Les-Claviers.com: Virtual keyboard of all languages. Access to alphabetic characters, accents and symbols. Really useful for French!
    Category: Writing - French Keyboard