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    http://www.francaisfacile.com/guide/index.php?niv=1 [340]
    FrancaisFacile.com : Guide de travail. Courses divided into four levels: children, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Includes also level tests. Click on one of these words to get the lessons and exercises related to them. Conjugate, play, translate, pronounce, check and use the dictionaries. Record yourself to hear your pronunciation. A registration to the site allows you to translate French into other languages, to participate in forums, find pen pals etc. You can also receive a free weekly French lesson by email.
    Category: Writing - Forums
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    http://french.about.com/od/lessons/a/beginningfrench.htm [334]
    French.about.com : Beginning French.Hundreds of pages written for beginners. You can subscribe to a 20 week French for Beginners email course, or go to the checklist to get the same lessons organized in a logical study order. You can also access a French proficiency test and the French for Beginners forum on the page.
    Category: Writing - Forums