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    http://www.asterix.com/ [172]
    Astérix.com : Official multilingual site of Asterix the Gaul, an iconic character of the 9th art. His adventures take place in 50 BC, at the time of Julius Caesar. The official virtual village of Asterix and his faithful companion Obelix includes all the news from Asterix, e-cards, « smailix »(smileys), video games, contests, unpublished drawings, film clips and much more.
    Category: Reading - Comic Strips
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    http://www.gastonlagaffe.com/ [114]
    GastonLagaffe.com : Official site of the mythical comic strip character Gaston Lagaffe to discover all about him: albums, characters, unpublished drawings, news, games and goodies as well as contests ... and loads of blunders! French only.
    Category: Reading - Comic Strips
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    http://www.purposegames.com/game/asterix-french-names-quiz [1045]
    PurposeGames.com : Astérix French Names Quiz. Game of linking thirteen characters of the comic strip Asterix the Gaul to their names. Each name means something. It is often sufficient to replace the suffix "ix" with "ic" to understand their meaning.
    Category: Reading - Comic Strips
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    http://www.smurf.com/smurf.php/www/home/ [69]
    Smurf.com : The Smurfs official website tells their origin, introduces the author, and each of the little blue characters, as well as the detestable Gargamel and his cat Azrael. A perfect location to learn to speak Smurf and French!
    Category: Reading - Comic Strips
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    http://www.tintin.be/ [62]
    Tintin.be : Tintin is a cult comic strip. His official multilingual website brings together everything you need to know about his adventures and the endearing characters contained therein and includes many other things. There are games for all and for children, videos, topical articles on several issues, including the conquest of space, and a section for tintinologists, who are Tintin?s hardcore fans.
    Category: Reading - Comic Strips
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    http://www.tintin.com/ [1117]
    Tintin.com: Official website of the famous Belgian reporter, hero of the eponymous comic book. Tintin's universe, videos, games, fictional newspapers and club.
    Category: Reading - Comic Strips