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    • 11
      http://www.jeuxdemots.providence.learningtogether.net/alphab... [41]
      Institut de la Providence: Jeux de mots. Alphabetical classification games. Select a letter, then pick the first from three suggested words in each file. 88 files to classified.
      Category: Games
    • 12
      http://jeudeloie.free.fr/plateau.htm [1144]
      Jeu de l'oie: A game similar to Snakes and ladders, where players have to answer questions about grammar, conjugation and vocabulary. Classified by level.
      Category: Games
    • 13
      http://jouer.francophonie.org/jeu.cfm [1304]
      jouer.francophonie.com : Voyage francophone (French speaking trip). A quiz of 5, 10, 15 or 20 questions covering the countries of the Organization of La Francophonie, the regions of the world where it is represented or ten proposed themes which include culture, expressions and proverbs, uses and customs.
      Category: Games
    • 14
      http://www.ladictee.fr/jeux/exercices_jeux_questionnaires_sp... [1418]
      LaDictee.fr: Site offering free audio dictation files, for different levels. Links to specialized Vocabulary and pronunciation exercises, games and quizzes.
      Category: Games
    • 15
      http://www.languagesonline.org.uk/ [967]
      LanguagesOnline.co.uk : Large variety of exercise styles initially designed for use by classes. Many units come with explanations. The site also includes games to play on line or to download, and listening activities.
      Category: Games
    • 16
      http://www.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/ [1464]
      OQLF - Office québécois de la langue française (Quebec’s Office for the French language) : You’ll find on this site many resources including Le grand dictionnaire terminologique (The Large Terminology Dictionary), a repository of linguistic troubleshooting help, a virtual library, and loads of interesting links. Also includes a section of language games and many specialized or bilingual glossaries.
      Category: Games
    • 17
      http://www.polarfle.com/ [75]
      Polarfle.com: Presses universitaires de Grenoble. Learn French with detective Roger Duflair. Improve your French as you follow the lead in a short mystery novel. Select your level.
      You will need: PC with Internet Explorer, Java and Java script, Real Player, and an e-mail address to receive your password and the answer.

      Category: Games
    • 18
      http://www.quia.com/shared/french [1534]
      Quia.com : Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects including French. There are more than 7,000 thousand French activities on this site.
      Category: Games
    • 19
      http://www.quia.com/cc/1406.html [399]
      Quia.com: Learn French adjective agreements and improve your memory skills with this card game. Try to uncover matching pairs of cards.
      Category: Games
    • 20
      http://www.quia.com/jfc/1406.html [398]
      Quia.com: Practice French adjective agreements. Flashcard game to learn the plural and gender of French adjectives and improve your vocabulary. Flip over 20 flashcards and find out the feminine plural form of French words.
      Category: Games
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