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      Business Related  http://www.euro-cordiale.lu/compro/index_fr.html [68]
      Euro-cordiale.lu : 900 Exercises in Vocational Commmunication. Site providing extensive documentation in PDF format to help develop the following skills: oral communication, getting information and documentation, understanding a message, writing, and finally, appreciation of a message. The last four have three levels of difficulty. Most documents offer exercises with corrections.
      Category: Business French
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      Business Related  http://franceterme.culture.fr/FranceTerme/ [1164]
      FranceTerme: Repertory of new French words and specialized terms recommended by the "Journal officiel de la République française". Finance, sciences, environment and many more.
      Category: Business French
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      Business Related  http://www.fll.vt.edu/Johnson/310499/homepage.html [1302]
      Le Français des Affaires 3104: Course syllabus referring to useful tools, documents and tips on Commercial French.
      Category: Business French