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      http://www.cle-inter.com/sites-compagnons/metro.html [1107]
      cle-inter.com : Métro Saint-Michel 1 et 2. Companion site for Levels 1 and 2 of this method for learning French. Fourteen units are associated with level 1, while Level 2 has six. The units target listening comprehension, phonetics and vocabulary. Each one provides checklists and drag and drop exercises, all of these with automatic correction.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 12
      http://www.cle-inter.com/sites-compagnons/toutvabien.html [1128]
      cle-inter.com : Tout va bien 1 et 2. Companion site of the French learning method Tout va bien 1 et 2 (all is well). Each level has ten units with themes such as : À la banque (at the bank), Trouver son chemin (finding your way), sentiments (feelings), and sports. Some units are devoted to questions and statements, phonetics and grammar, with most sections offering audio files. The exercises, which include automatic correction, target skills such as listening and reading comprehension, phonetics and grammar.
      Category: Pronunciation
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      http://www.crisco.unicaen.fr/Demonstration-de-Kali.html [1451]
      CRISCO (Centre for Research on Inter-language Meaning in Context), University of Caen. Kali is a trilingual voice synthesizer that allows conversion of text into spoken words in an intelligible manner, pleasant and natural. Enter text, choose a male or female voice to read it, without an accent.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 14
      http://www.didieraccord.com/Accord1/dossier1/ [63]
      Didieraccord.com: Exercises to improve your vocabulary. Complete the dialogues by filling in the blanks with a list of suggested words. Beginner. Audio-files.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 15
      http://french.about.com/library/begin/bl_alphabet.htm [78]
      French.about.com: French alphabet: Learn the French alphabet by clicking on each letter and listening to the correct pronunciation.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 16
      http://french.about.com/library/pronunciation/bl-pronunciati... [108]
      French.about.com: French consonants and their pronunciation. Pick a letter from an alphabetical menu then listen and practice.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 17
      http://french.about.com/library/pronunciation/bl-pronunciati... [109]
      French.about.com: French vowels and their pronunciation. Pick a letter from an alphabetical menu then listen and practice.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 18
      http://french.about.com/library/begin/bl-begpronunciation.ht... [106]
      French.about.com: Pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet and their several combinaisons. Beginner.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 19
      http://www.hku.hk/french/starters/fonetik/fonetik_main.htm [1500]
      Hku.hk: French Starters: Fonetik. Fonetik is a ten-lesson course providing an introduction to the French system of sounds and the main features of its pronunciation. Includes these lessons : Rythme, intonation et accentuation (Rhythm, Intonation and Stress), Les sons du français (French sounds), La graphie « E » (Written form of « E »), [i], [y], [u] et les semi-voyelles ([i] [y] [u] and semi-vowels), les voyelles nasales (Nasal Vowels), la consonne [R] (The Consonant [R]), la sonorité des consonnes (The Sonority of Consonants), Enchaînements (Links) and Liaisons.
      Category: Pronunciation
    • 20
      http://www.hku.hk/french/starters/malet/chap1.htm [1492]
      Hku.hk: French Starters: Malet. French for Beginners is a 28 chapter course with audio files. It addresses phonetics and pronunciation, word stress and intonation of the sentence as well as liaison and the unstable "e" vowel. It also examines the negative and interrogative forms, imperative and reflective verbs, ?to be?, pronouns and adverbs.
      Category: Pronunciation
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