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    • 61
      http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/education/index-f.html [1540]
      CollectionsCanada.gc.ca : education. Quality educational products for teachers and students with a collection strong in history, literature and music. "For Teachers" includes comprehensive teaching strategies, lesson plans, ideas and activities for the classroom, quizzes and games."For Students" includes links to great websites, designed just for kids, as well as suggestions for reading."Theses Canada Portal" gives access to many theses and dissertations. Students' learning skills can be improved using the Learning Centre's "Toolkit." "The EvidenceWeb" offers a selection of original documents including photographs, letters, diary entries, art works, political cartoons, newspaper articles, and printed and recorded music.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 62
      http://www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/dglf/francais-aime/semain... [557]
      Culture.gouv.fr : découvlang. À la découverte des langues (discovering languages) offers five articles on the history of the French language, its position among the world's languages as well as its vocabulary. The Documents pédagogiques (educational materials) section examines the origin and meaning of some words.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 63
      http://www.dictee.ca/dictee/Accueil.html [1491]
      dictée.ca : The site offers short dictation and dictation lists of 25 vocabulary words whose correction provides access to reliable and comprehensive grammar rules.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 64
      http://www.didieraccord.com/Accord1/dossier1/ [63]
      Didieraccord.com: Exercises to improve your vocabulary. Complete the dialogues by filling in the blanks with a list of suggested words. Beginner. Audio-files.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 65
      http://www.didieraccord.com/Accord2/dossier3/ [644]
      Didieraccord.com: French grammar exercises to improve French vocabulary and learn grammar rules. On the theme of communication.
      Includes exercises on French vocabulary, present participles, and relative pronouns. With audio-files.

      Category: Vocabulary
    • 66
      http://www.didieraccord.com/Accord2/dossier4/ [645]
      Didieraccord.com: French grammar exercises to improve French vocabulary and learn grammar rules. On the theme of employment and society
      Includes exercises on work-related French vocabulary, conditional past, and writing a resume.

      Category: Vocabulary
    • 67
      http://www.didieraccord.com/Accord2/dossier2/ [643]
      Didieraccord.com: French grammar exercises to improve French vocabulary and learn grammar rules. On the theme of well-being.
      Includes exercises on French vocabulary, demonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, indefinite pronouns, and letter writing. With audio-files.

      Category: Vocabulary
    • 68
      http://platea.pntic.mec.es/~cvera/hotpot/exos/index.htm [1148]
      Exercices de Carmen Vera Pérez: Online exercises about grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, phonetics and more. Songs, quizzes, literature and culture
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 69
      http://exercices.free.fr/francais/index.htm [1146]
      Exercices.free.fr: Online exercises about grammar, conjugation, spelling and vocabulary. Also included, reading and poetry activities.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 70
      http://www.fourmilab.ch/francais/glue.html [1505]
      FourmiLab.ch : français : glue. Colle française is a one-page ?reference card? for words which act like ?linguistic glue? in a language. This list of words and locutions is in alphabetical order with their English translation.
      Category: Vocabulary
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