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    • 71
      http://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionnaire:Liste_de_1750_mot... [527]
      Fr.wiktionary.org : List of the 1750 most common French words. Words are grouped by themes such as class and school, cooking and food, animals, parties, weather, home and outings.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 72
      http://www.francaisfacile.com/ [1180]
      FrançaisFacile.com: A complete site offering online courses and exercises; level tests; grammar, spelling and vocabulary exercises; audio files to practice pronunciation and listening; online tools; dictionaries; forums, pen pals, and more.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 73
      Business Related  http://franceterme.culture.fr/FranceTerme/ [1164]
      FranceTerme: Repertory of new French words and specialized terms recommended by the "Journal officiel de la République française". Finance, sciences, environment and many more.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 74
      http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/%7Ecreitan/grammar.htm [1162]
      French Online Grammar Quizz: Online grammar quizzes, vocabulary lessons, listening comprehension exercises and much more. Instructions in English
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 75
      http://french.about.com/od/vocabulary/ss/mostcommonwords.htm... [526]
      French.about.com : Most Common Words : The 100 most common French words accompanied by their English translation, grammatical notes, examples of the way they are used, and quizzes
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 76
      http://french.about.com/ [1]
      French.about.com: Learn French with free French lessons, tips, and tools. Thousands of pages related to learning and teaching the French.about.com: lessons, quizzes, study tips, dictionaries, linguistics, dialects, cultural and travel information, literature, music, and much more.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 77
      http://www.gilles-jobin.org/citations/jeux/index.php [1136]
      Gilles G. Jobin's games: Games with quotations, author's real names or pseudonyms, definitions or Greek roots.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 78
      http://globegate.utm.edu/french/globegate_mirror/vocab.html [1305]
      globegate.utm.edu: List of over 100 links to sites of exercises and vocabulary activities.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 79
      http://grammaire.reverso.net/ [1514]
      Grammaire.reverso.net : Interactive French grammar. Type the word or concept you want in the search box or click on one of the letters of the alphabetic index to obtain the information sought. Includes the following topics: grammar, syntax, vocabulary, conjugation, agreement rules, spelling and typography. The Questions d?actualité (current affairs) section deals with matters such as new spelling and the feminization of trade and function names.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 80
      http://www.heinle.com/cgi-wadsworth/course_products_wp.pl?fi... [1077]
      Heinle.com : Allons-y! A companion site of to the French textbook Allons-y. Select one of the twelve chapters to get related internet activities and self-correcting exercises. Links to other websites on various aspects of French culture. A final examination allows you to verify your new knowledge.
      Category: Vocabulary
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