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    • 91
      http://languageguide.org/french/readings/ [531]
      LanguageGuide.org : French Readings. Texts with audio files. Some of these texts are for intermediate learners while others, excerpts of Guy de Maupassant?s works, are for advanced learners . It is possible to get the translation of some words as well as the one for each sentence by putting the mouse?s pointer on the dotted lines.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 92
      http://www.latinistes.ch/Textes-etymologie/introduction.htm [562]
      Latiniste.ch : textes-étymologie (text-etymology). The table of contents of the folder "Jeux de mots, archéologie du français" (word games, archeology of French language) contains 14 chapters on the evolution of French vocabulary in history, from the Celts to the present day and shows the influence of other languages on French.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 93
      http://cr.middlebury.edu/public/french/Lexique/ [1155]
      Le Lexique: Lexicon of French words from various themes; examples and illustrations from different contexts.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 94
      http://membres.lycos.fr/clo7/grammaire/animo.htm [1332]
      Le vocabulaire des animaux: French names of animals, including the male, female and offspring of each species.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 95
      http://www.librosvivos.net/smtc/PagPorFormulario.asp?TemaCla... [650]
      Librosvivos.net: French vocabulary exercises. Professions. Click on a picture, listen to the phrase and select the correct profession that matches the phrase. 6 questions.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 96
      http://www.librosvivos.net/smtc/PagPorFormulario.asp?TemaCla... [651]
      Librosvivos.net: French vocabulary exercises. Time and daily activities. Listen to the sentence and select the activity it refers to. 8 questions.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 97
      http://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/lhuughe/FR203/index.html [1298]
      mtholyoke.edu: Activities and resources that include reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary tools.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 98
      http://www.mylinea.com/vdw/ [558]
      Mylinea.com : À la recherche du français perdu (In search of lost French ). An educational site about the pleasures and challenges of the French language for those who want to appreciate the language in daily life. With such headings as : je recherche (I seek) , je pratique (I practice) , and je m'exerce ( I evaluate), the portal has several sites on reading, practicing, grammar exercises and learning French in general.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 99
      http://www.olympic.ca/fr [1542]
      Olympic.ca : Canada's Olympic Comitee site. Includes sections such as: Athletes (among these 2006 and 2008 Olympians), Sports, Programs, Events, News and Games.
      Category: Vocabulary
    • 100
      http://pages.videotron.com/langueau/ [1330]
      pages.videotron.com: langueau. Langue au chat is an easy to use online research for vocabulary words or expressions. It will give you a definition, an evaluation from various references and proper expression or term to use if need be.
      Category: Vocabulary
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