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      http://pages.infinit.net/cltr/gp11.html [1102]
      "Formatic 2000": guide including many resources and examples to write or do a research, step by step, on the Internet or on books.
      Category: Writing
    • 2
      http://www.cafe.edu/genres/lst-gnr.html [1131]
      C.A.F.É.: Various literary genres (tale, tragedy, sonnet, psalm, detective novel, manifesto, debate, correspondence...) illustrated with extracts and definitions of processes used to create these texts.
      Category: Writing
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      http://cartes.villeronce.com/cartes-de-voeux-saint-valentin [1076]
      Carte.Villeronce.com : Cartes St-Valentin. 68 musical e-cards for Valentine's Day to write a love letter up to 4000 words long. Add one of the eighteen available special effects and one of the several musical themes, and schedule the sending of your card.
      Category: Writing
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      http://www.cce.umontreal.ca/ [1373]
      cce. umontreal.ca : The CCE (centre de communication écrite ? written communication centre) of the Unversity of Montreal offers a variety of resources, and links to several websites dedicated to the improvement of French. The site contains many topics, including Boîte à outils (toolbox), which has several sections including Autoformation, Capsules linguistiques, and Francofiches: Autoformation (self-study) deals with vocabulary, grammar and writing, editing and revision. Capsules Linguistiques (linguistic capsules) examines 135 common errors in French. Francofiches offers self-correcting games.
      Category: Writing
    • 5
      http://www.chezmaya.com/easter/cv.htm [1525]
      ChezMaya.com : Easter. A collection of more than 20 Easter e-cards, some are in English. Many include animations and sound files. A slideshow entitled "Un chemin de croix" (The Way of the Cross) is also available on the page.
      Category: Writing
    • 6
      http://www.cle.fr/centre_linguistique-fr-idm-105-n-Exercices... [1524]
      CLE.fr : Exercices FLE : Pâques. A fill-in-the-blank test about the traditions surrounding the feast of Easter in France. Multiple choices for answers are presented with each statement to test your spelling and grammar knowledge while familiarizing you with this aspect of French culture.
      Category: Writing
    • 7
      http://fle-sitographie.pagesperso-orange.fr/exercices.htm#Le... [1441]
      Cours et exercices en ligne: To understand, to speak and to improve. Grammar, glossary, phonetics, sound & writing, exercises and medias.
      Category: Writing
    • 8
      http://www.dictee.ca/dictee/Accueil.html [1491]
      dictée.ca : The site offers short dictation and dictation lists of 25 vocabulary words whose correction provides access to reliable and comprehensive grammar rules.
      Category: Writing
    • 9
      http://www.enpc.fr/fr/formations/depts/dfl/section_fle/resso... [367]
      Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées (ENPC): Explicative verbs used to express a relation between a cause and a consequence. Verbs from cause to effect like "aboutir à, entraîner, conduire à, se traduire par". And verbs from effect to cause like "résulter de , s'explique par, découler de".
      Contributed by Séverine Durand & ENPC.

      Category: Writing
    • 10
      http://www.etudes-litteraires.com/ [122]
      Etudes Littéraires: Resources for grammar, literature and writing. Really complete and detailed.
      Category: Writing
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