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      http://www.frenchrevision.co.uk/ [1328]
      Frenchrevision.co.uk : This site contains tons of interactive French exercises. There are listening, reading and writing exercises. The exercises mark themselves and a score is given!
      Category: Writing
    • 12
      http://www.incks.com/en/french.html [1450]
      Incks.com : Online virtual keyboard to write French text online. Allows you to save a document as a text file , to see and print it.
      Category: Writing
    • 13
      http://lessard.iquebec.com/textelitteraire/ [622]
      Literary analysis: A step by step guide to literary analysis. Reading strategies, topics and topic sentences, stylistic devices and essay outline.
      Category: Writing
    • 14
      http://www.media-awareness.ca/francais/index.cfm [1537]
      Media-Awareness.ca : Canada?s award-winning online source of media and education resources. Subjects include alcohol and tobacco use, body image, diversity, gender portrayal, and ethics. Materials can be collected in a content-cart. Offers games, news, blogs, and a catalogue. The site is searchable by grade level, subject, or province/territory.
      Category: Writing
    • 15
      http://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/lhuughe/FR203/index.html [1298]
      mtholyoke.edu: Activities and resources that include reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary tools.
      Category: Writing
    • 16
      http://www.orthogram.com/les_consonnes_doubles.html [502]
      Orthogram.com: Spelling. The use of double consonants.
      Category: Writing
    • 17
      http://www.polarfle.com/ [75]
      Polarfle.com: Presses universitaires de Grenoble. Learn French with detective Roger Duflair. Improve your French as you follow the lead in a short mystery novel. Select your level.
      You will need: PC with Internet Explorer, Java and Java script, Real Player, and an e-mail address to receive your password and the answer.

      Category: Writing
    • 18
      Business Related  http://www.realfrench.net/pdf/letter.pdf [44]
      Realfrench.net: Print a template to help you write your resume and a cover letter. Acrobat Reader.
      Category: Writing
    • 19
      http://www.tv5.org/TV5Site/dictee/dictee.php [46]
      TV5Monde: La dictée de Bernard Pivot. Test your knowledge of French by taking one of Bernard Pivot's online dictation. Get your results immediately along with your ranking. Advanced. 7 dictations.
      Category: Writing
    • 20
      http://www2.uqtr.ca/hee/site_1/index.php?no_fiche=3702 [1497]
      uqtr.ca : Didactique du français. Site that features articles on the French in Quebec, and children's literature. Les savoirs (knowledges) section includes Le lexique ( lexicon) that provides a list of proverbs, explanations of figures of speech and spelling. The French language and Culture section devotes a section to French as a second language with links to interesting sites.
      Category: Writing
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