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      http://catifq.usherbrooke.ca/didacticielmedia/index.jsp [1490]
      catifq. usherbrooke.ca : Des médias et des mots. Exercises to identify, replace or correct the words borrowed from English, the sense borrowed from the English, lexical, spelling, grammatical and syntax difficulties. With a click on index, you can access a list of all disputed uses (about 700 specifications).
      Category: Common Anglicisms
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      http://gazette.alpha-b.fr/ [625]
      Gazette.alpha-b.fr : Ezine of alpha.b, an institute specialized in teaching French as a foreign language. Includes among others "Le français dans tous ses états » (French in all its forms), which examines proverbs, idioms, false friends and anglicisms. "Leçons et exercices de français » (Lessons and French exercises) includes activities classified by level of knowledge, from A1 to C2. There is even humor in the « Lingua Franca vous met sur le coup » (Lingua Franca puts you on the spot)
      Category: Common Anglicisms
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      http://www.linguatechediteur.com/auplaisirdesmots [1343]
      LinguatechEditeur.com : Au plaisir des mots. Robert Dubuc?s chronicles on incorrect expressions and oddities of French.
      Category: Common Anglicisms
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      http://www.tv5.org/TV5Site/lf/merci_professeur.php [1517]
      TV5.org : Merci professeur (Thank you teacher) Bernard Cerquiglini, linguist and specialist of French language provides a daily lesson, in a brief video grammar, vocabulary, spelling, anglicisms, regional expressions that are all found in the list "Les mots du professeur » (the teacher?s words).
      Category: Common Anglicisms
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      http://www.dicomoche.net/ [1086]
      www.dicomoche.net: French dictionary of misuses or bad expressions presented with their correction, all in a humoristic way. Excellent to improve your French-european vocabulary.
      Category: Common Anglicisms