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      http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/%7Ecreitan/grammar.htm [1162]
      French Online Grammar Quizz: Online grammar quizzes, vocabulary lessons, listening comprehension exercises and much more. Instructions in English
      Category: Listening
    • 12
      http://french.about.com/ [1]
      French.about.com: Learn French with free French lessons, tips, and tools. Thousands of pages related to learning and teaching the French.about.com: lessons, quizzes, study tips, dictionaries, linguistics, dialects, cultural and travel information, literature, music, and much more.
      Category: Listening
    • 13
      http://www.frenchrevision.co.uk/ [1328]
      Frenchrevision.co.uk : This site contains tons of interactive French exercises. There are listening, reading and writing exercises. The exercises mark themselves and a score is given!
      Category: Listening
    • 14
      http://www.histori.ca/minutes/default.do?page=.index [1538]
      Histori.ca : minutes. Series of short clips lasting from one minute to ninety seconds. The Historica Minutes recounts significant moments of Canadian history. Footprints focuses on sports achievements. Radio Minutes presents radio drama with Canadian actors. Screen Legends describes the contributions of Canadians to the history of film and television. Includes lessons plans.
      Category: Listening
    • 15
      http://www.hku.hk/french/starters/proverbes.htm [1483]
      HKU.hk : French Starters : Proverbes. Simply click on the proverbs of the first column to hear their pronunciation. The next column provides an explanation and the last one an English equivalent for each proverb.
      Category: Listening
    • 16
      http://www.hku.hk/french/starters/structures/structures_main... [1415]
      HKU.hk : French Starters: structures. A grammar composed of a series of 12 audio tutorials about the essential grammatical aspects of French. The various cases are approached in a descriptive way, with an emphasis on illustrative examples rather than prescriptive rules.
      Category: Listening
    • 17
      http://www.hku.hk/french/dcmScreen/lang2043/proverbes.htm [1484]
      HKU.hk : French: Proverbes. A proverb collection, with audio files and explanations in French. Themes such as: Temps et Nature (Weather and Nature), Animaux (Animals), Le corps humain (Human Body), Relations humaines (Human Relations), Argent et Ressources (Money and Resources), Les mots et le silence, agir et non agir (Words and Silence, to Act and Not to Act).
      Category: Listening
    • 18
      http://www.hku.hk/french/starters/fonetik/fonetik_main.htm [1500]
      Hku.hk: French Starters: Fonetik. Fonetik is a ten-lesson course providing an introduction to the French system of sounds and the main features of its pronunciation. Includes these lessons : Rythme, intonation et accentuation (Rhythm, Intonation and Stress), Les sons du français (French sounds), La graphie « E » (Written form of « E »), [i], [y], [u] et les semi-voyelles ([i] [y] [u] and semi-vowels), les voyelles nasales (Nasal Vowels), la consonne [R] (The Consonant [R]), la sonorité des consonnes (The Sonority of Consonants), Enchaînements (Links) and Liaisons.
      Category: Listening
    • 19
      http://www.rockdetente.com/montreal [290]
      Rock-détente.com: Québec radio station. Online radio, news, interviews and many more daily columns.
      Category: Listening
    • 20
      http://www.tv5.org/TV5Site/ap/accueil_ville.php?id_ville=18 [344]
      TV5.org : accueil ville: Brussels. A virtual visit of Brussels with French exercises classified by levels of knowledge (niveaux), educational goal (objectif pédagogique) or by heading (rubrique).
      Category: Listening
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