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FSL All.com - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes FSL All different from other resources on the web?

There is not, to our knowledge, another bilingual Internet search engine & directory solely devoted to French-learning related resources. There exist on the web, numerous unilingual directories and sub-directories of FSL and FFL resources of varying sizes and quality. However, the best free resources remain scattered here and there and they are often hard to find. This scatter-effect makes searching for quality material both time consuming and very frustrating.

FSL All.com addresses that problem. It was designed in the interest of busy learners, who have no time to waste searching for hours. We have done the research for you and organized the best existing resources in a way that makes the resources fast and easy to find.

All the websites and links included in our directory have been visited by members of the FSL All.com team and selected for their excellence. It is our privilege to share them with you while supporting your efforts to better your command of .

What does FSL stand for?

FSL stands for French as a Second Language, the most common acronym on the Internet to refer to resources related to the learning of French. Another acronym that you might come across is FFL which means French as a Foreign Language.

Who finances FSL All?

FSL All is a division of ESL International, a language-related company. FLS All generates its income mainly through onsite advertisement. Eventually it will finance itself via the creation of an FSL store.

Is FSL All for students or teachers?

Although we have created FSL All mainly with the needs of French language and French Business learners in mind, it can be useful equally to those who teach French.

Do website owners pay to be included in your directory? Can anyone be listed?

Our directory is free, but not anyone can be listed in it. For a resource to qualify for inclusion, quality is a must. We accept no money in exchange for inclusion. Only the sites that have been visited and approved of by FSL All team members are included.

What new developments can we expect on your site in the months to come?

Our Directory is growing daily with new web sites and web pages added to it on an ongoing basis. In addition, we are currently developing both a business and a teacher section that are growing rapidly.

We are also curreltly developing exercises and activities of our own that will be available in the w=months to come.

Finally, there will be an online store where you will find scores of written, audio, and digital material to assist you in your language learning efforts.

Come and visit us often. There is always something new to discover and enjoy at FSL All. We do value your opinion, so let us know what you think and would like to see added to our directory. You can easily do so through the "Contact Us" page.