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            Epithet Adjective
        Verbal Adjective
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        Adverb Formation
        Adverbs of Manner
        Adverbs of Time
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        Leur - Leurs
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        Tout - Tous - Toute(s)
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        Compound Tenses
        Conditional (mood)
        Conditional Perfect
        Conditional Perfect Second Form
        Future Perfect
        Imperative (mood)
        Indicative (mood)
        Infinitive (mood)
        Participles Past / Present
        Past anterior
        Past Imperative
        Past infinitive
        Present perfect
        Present Tenses
        Simple Future
        Simple past
        Subjunctive (mood)
        Auxiliaries "Ítre" and "avoir"
        French Irregular verbs "oir" and "re" ( 3rd group)
        French Verb Moods
            Impersonal Mood
            Personal mood
        Present/Past Participles
        Pronominal Verbs (reflexive)
        Regular verbs
            French Regular Verbs -er (1st group)
            French Regular Verbs -ir (2nd group)
        Using a Negative
            Active Voice
            Passive Voice
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